Stefano Donati Post-Doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Stefano and I work as a Postdoctoral researcher. I am a passionate scientist interested in understanding and engineering biology to enable a sustainable bio-based economy.

About Me

I graduated in Biomolecular Sciences and Technologies at the University of Trento (Italy). For my M.Sc., I moved to Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands) to pursue a degree in Bioinformatics. Here I became fascinated about microbial metabolism and how it could be engineered for sustainable biotechnological processes. My M.Sc. thesis on engineering an anaerobic lifestyle in Pseudomonas putida led me to move to Madrid (Spain) to continue my research in the group of Víctor de Lorenzo, where I worked with Pablo for the first time. For my Ph.D., I joined the group of Hannes Link at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg (Germany) where I continued to study microbial metabolism, this time focusing on Escherichia coli. In my main project, I used CRISPR knock-downs combined with multi-omics data to study how cells cope with reductions in the abundance of essential metabolic enzymes. After graduating from my Ph.D., I moved to the TEST division of the DTU Biosustain Biofoundry, where I worked on automating multi-omics data generation and analysis. In 2021, I joined the group where I run a collaborative project as a postdoctoral fellow between the SEM group and the C1 metabolism programme led by Prof. Lars Nielsen. Aside from my research activity, throughout the years I have been involved in co-founding and managing the European Synthetic Biology Society (EUSynBioS), a non-profit organization which strives to connect people interested in synthetic biology in Europe.