Justine Turlin Ph.D. student

Eager to use synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to develop processes for the bioproduction of chemicals from alternative carbon sources.

About Me

I am from France, and did my undergraduate Degree in Biology at the University of Bordeaux. During my degree, I discovered the field of synthetic biology through the iGEM Competition that was a turning point in my studies. Through this experience, I decided to focus on engineering of cell factories and joined an engineering program in Biotechnology (M.Sc. equivalent) at the ENSTBB in Bordeaux. I did my thesis within a biotechnology company, developing and optimizing high-throughput cloning techniques to produce industrially-relevant antibodies. I joined another biotechnology company after obtaining my degree, where I gain more experience by developing an innovative platform for antibody discovery. Following industrial training in protein production, I wanted to be part of cutting-edge bio-based production innovations and joined the Copenhagen Bioscience Ph.D. programme founded by the Novo Nordisk foundation in 2018. I am currently doing my Ph.D. in the SEM group, where my project aims at engineering synthetic formatotrophy in P. putida.