Our Team


Pablo Iván Nikel
Senior Researcher
Group Leader

As a biotechnologist, I have been always interested in microorganisms and bioproduction―and to mediate a change towards a sustainable lifestyle. My team at the Center for Biosustainability focuses on this objective by engineering environmental bacteria for bioproduction of novel chemicals.


Patricia Calero Valdayo

Post-doctoral Researcher

I am Patricia, and I work as a post-doc in the SEM group developing new strategies for the production of halogenated building blocks designing cell factories based on Pseudomonas putida.


Daniel Christoph Volke

Post-doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Daniel! I am a post-doc in the SEM group working on expanding the synthetic biology toolbox for environmental bacteria and programming biofilm formation and dispersal in Pseudomonas putida for whole-cell biocatalysis.


Lorena Fernández-Cabezón
Post-doctoral Researcher

Metabolic engineer fascinated by the design and construction of the next-generation microbial cell factories for the efficient bio-manufacture of chemicals.


Nicolas Thilo Wirth

Ph.D. Student

Enthusiast of microbial metabolic engineering and synthetic biology and excited to work at the front of a dawning biotechnological era.


Ekaterina Kozaeva

Ph.D. Student

In love with metabolic engineering and biotechology since 2010 and invading the private life of a very important bacterium since 2017.


Mariela Mezzina

Post-doctoral Researcher

Working in getting Pseudomonas putida in shape for efficient bioproduction towards a sustainable future!


Manuel Nieto-Domínguez

Post-doctoral Researcher

Biochemist determined to challenge enzymes with new to Nature reactions: my duty in the SEM group is to make proteins from Pseudomonas putida (and others) to comply with our every whim.


Robert Haas

Post-doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Rob! I work on the implementation and optimization of synthetic fluorometabolism in Pseudomonas putida and Escherichia coli.


Carlos León Sobrino

Post-doctoral Researcher

I am Carlos, and I work as a post-doc in the SEM group developing an iterative CRISPR-Cas based screening tool in Pseudomonas, with the aim of identifying targets for genome engineering and constructing improved strains for bioproduction.


Justine Turlin

Ph.D. Student

Eager to use synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to develop processes for the bioproduction of chemicals from alternative carbon sources.


Antonin Cros

Ph.D. Student

Curious to find innovative and sustainable ways to bioproduce halogenated compounds by plugging pathways together in a lego-like fashion.


Nicolás Gurdo

Ph.D. Student

Fervent biotechnologist seeking to exert control over synthetic biological systems and paving the way towards accurate, high-throughput microbial metabolomics.


Nicolas Krink

Post-doctoral Researcher

Inspired by Nature, I am engineering the core metabolic pathways of Pseudomonas putida to produce new-to-Nature long-chain fluorinated molecules.


Isabel Pardo

Post-doctoral Researcher

I use evolution to engineer proteins and microbes. Why do the work yourself when Nature can do it for you?


Garret William O’Connell

Ph.D. Student

Sulfonate degradation is what gets me up in the morning and sulfonate transport keeps me going. I am the Uber eats guy for sulfonate metabolism in our Pseudomonas putida (p.s. they can be fluorinated!).


Javier Hernández - (2021) Master Student - Technical University of Denmark

Kristoffer Tang Kordatos - (2021) Bachelor student - Technical University of Denmark

Visitors and past members

Kent Kang Yong Tang - (2020) Master Student - Technical University of Denmark

María V. Gracia Alván Vargas - (2019)

Visiting professors